Greenway Collins have seen an uptick in demand for this service over the last few years as referencing has become an ever more important need for our clients. Unsuccessful hires are costly in financial terms as well as reputational fall-out and the disruption to the strategy of the business, this frequently demands management time to address the error. Our due diligence service helps to eliminate an important element of risk associated with those key hiring and investment decisions.

Clients have not undertaken extensive due diligence in years gone by and this has been shown to have a real and detrimental effect to their businesses. It is now more than ever key to hire meritoriously and commercially; Greenway Collins are uniquely positioned as a global search boutique to conduct ‘deep dive’ due diligence for your business.

Discretion is an essential part of our due diligence process and we are acutely aware of the sensitivities involved. Our extensive and deep network enables us in complete confidence to seek references and commentary from a candidate’s clients as well as their immediate peers, the wider market, and in certain instances current management.

The information gathered is extremely important when judging the viability of a potential hire and the impact that this may have on your business. It is almost impossible to gather this data and intelligence without an extensive network which we can provide at Greenway Collins. We can give assurance on not just the technical ability and skills of a potential hire but also their management capability, career motivations and personalities of them and if appropriate their team.

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